Why don’t we value our time? – Dr. Abhilash Modi

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    There will hardly be any human in the world who will-fully wastes his time, no matter how lazy, doodle, irresponsible he is towards himself or his family or the world and uncaring towards life. He would never be so mistaken that he knows that the time I am wasting is not going to come back yet he would waste it or do something that will only pass or spend the time.

    Then what is the reason that when we look at the people around us, we find that most people are not willing to believe that they are wasting their time but they are not doing anything worthy either which they can say with confidence that their every moment does not just get spent, but they live each moment in a right way according to themselves.

    The biggest reason for not being able to manage the time is the lack of respect in one’s own eyes. When we do not respect ourselves, do not love ourselves, do not truly consider every day of our life as a gift given by God then it does not matter much to us that whether we are living every moment of this life at its fullest or just spending it in worthlessness, because we keep befooling ourselves by saying that we value our time but something like this doesn’t get reflected in our living.

    There are many reasons of not being able to value the time and manage it to do something optimum, let’s try to find out the reasons: –

    1) Lack of self-esteem and excess of self-respect –

    Think what if it doesn’t make any difference to you, how is your relationship with yourself and you spend your whole life thinking about what the rest of the world thinks about you. This is the basic difference between self-respect and self-esteem. There is a hairline difference which most people do not understand and live a wrong life. Self-esteem has a simple meaning of how you look at yourself, what you think about yourself when you are alone, while self- respect means what you want people to talk about you, for example, if a person drinks alcohol but does not want to let anyone know then it is called self-respect because It doesn’t make any difference to him that he is deteriorating his own image in his eyes as an alcoholic, he just wants that no one should call him an alcoholic because it hurts him and he feels that his self-respect will be reduced. Most fools of the world go out of their way to please the people of the world most of the time and they are never able to improve their relationship with themselves, and when your relationship is not good with yourself, you do not value yourself and your own time either.

    2) Underestimating the need of ‘writing’ – Just imagine if you have a wedding in your house and you think that you can complete all the works just by keeping them in mind without writing them on a paper, can you ever do it? Absolutely no. And if you do it without writing then you will keep saying in the whole marriage that there is a lot of work, but in fact, the thing that is making it a burden is not the quantity of the work, instead it is your unorganised way of working which is creating problems for you.

     Something like this happens in our life too. When any of our close ones tells us to write our short-term and long-term targets on a paper and to put it on the wall, and to also write what are the problems which we might face in fulfilling these? On hearing this, first of all, we say that writing will not end the problem and we avoid it there but we never understand that when we do not write any small or big purpose then It gets faded with time and when we do not write our problems then our mind starts to welcome unknown stress and anxiety but we do not understand why our mind is not feeling good. And due to the lack of this habit of writing, our mind is never able to feel certain about its positive and negative points and we spend a big passage of life worrying about it instead of doing work on something important and worthy.

    3) Not getting encouragement and appreciation from loved ones – One of the reasons for not valuing oneself and one’s own time is that it has become a very common problem in India that we don’t tell what we feel for someone be it a negative thing or a positive one or something related to pride and encouragement. This does not mean that our families are not happy or proud to see our success, but the problem is that they feel hesitant to say their sense of pride and encouragement and many times many parents also think that if they would tell the children that how well they are doing then the children might become overconfident and due to this, they do not encourage their loved ones at all and many times the family member who works hard feels that when there is no value of my hard work, so why should I do it and they gradually start underestimating themselves as well as their time.

    4) Seeing everything with money-minded approach – When you do every work and maintain every relationship because you feel, not today but someday this work or relation might bring some benefit for you, then gradually you start to become limited in your own world of avarice and selfishness and you start to know the price of everything and know the value of nothing but you need to know that every little thing in life can be valued but cannot be priced. The greatest people and inventions of the world were not to earn money but to solve some problem of the world, but when you do not see life like this, then you like to waste your time on apps like Facebook, Instagram, but you don’t think of spending your time in right way because you are not getting any money from this work.

    5) The wrong habit of peeping into the life of people through social media – The work of social media is that only that how can it make you so engrossed in itself that you don’t get to think of anything else, but despite knowing it if we are willing to spend hours on social media canvassing ourselves and peeping into people’s lives then we forget that social media is using us for its own earning, but we are still so addicted to it that we get ready to spend a very important part of our life in doing such tiny things.

    6) Trying to prove self right even after adopting wrong life through wrong thinking – It is not that we do not get Interrupted or scolded while wasting our time, but at that time we are not in that mental state that we can understand something, and we start considering it our disrespect. Our wrong habits push us to live a wrong life that much that we do not even understand what we are doing right and what wrong is going on and we try to prove ourselves right by hook or by crook and by the time we realize our mistake that we have wasted a lot of time.

    Every person wants to live his life in a good way, but he forgets that a well lived life is made of many well lived years, a well lived year is made of many well lived months, a well lived month is made of many well lived days, and a well lived day is made of many well lived moments so if a person is living his moments wrongly & dreams that my life is going to be an example of a well lived life then this is going to be a dream only.

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