Why do we need so much entertainment? – by Dr. Abhilash Modi

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It is said, if we ever want to know that how many unhappy people live in a country so the best way to know it is to know how much entertainment is needed in that country, in other words, it can also be said that as much entertainment is needed in a country that many sad people live in that country.

When we fail to bring real happiness and peace in our life, then only we feel the need for entertainment, or it can also be said that when we don’t want to do the hard work which is needed in feeling the true happiness, we start seeking the entertainment and start prioritizing it. Even if the age of that entertainment is just a few minutes and the stress generated through it lasts for a few years, still why is every human so much hungry for entertainment?

Let us know why almost every other person in the world has become habitual to get entertainment instead of being truly happy –

1.  The wish to live life in a hurry but not well – If any person asks what is the reason for most people’s grief? Then I see only one answer and that is the wish to live the life of 100 years in just 10 years. A wish that has given so many people such a restless, tensed and confused life that they are failing to feel real happiness even if they want to feel it. 

There is a certain time for everything to happen, and as it is said that whenever we get anything without working hard for it, we can feel the temporary happiness of it but we can never feel the true solace of it. It doesn’t mean that we should always wait for the time and do nothing but we need to understand that even if we get something done in a hurry and achieve it then we may never feel the true and permanent happiness of it. If you have patience and the will to keep working hard for something without expecting its result then nobody can stop you from feeling the real and true happiness, because when you do so you enjoy and journey not just the reward.

2.  Entertainment can be bought with money, happiness can’t be :- Most people’s inclination towards entertainment is derived due to the negative thought that there is no guarantee of getting happiness even after working hard for it but entertainment is enough cheap to be attained with few currency notes, whether for some time only, and this is the reason that most people start running after money and they put themselves in such a race which has no end, and then a time comes when they are so deep into stress and anxiety that they can’t survive without entertainment because if they don’t get it they would be this much stressful that they won’t be able to live. Real happiness is gained by working hard for achieving something which was tough to achieve but you did it with the help of your ability, your talent and your pure heart and money can never stop you in doing and achieving it.

3.  The habit of fooling the mind with entertainment- Once you are trapped into the trap of entertainment then your mind starts working in a way that it won’t be able to handle even a slight mental pain and in case if you shall have to live in such an environment or do such work where you have to give pain to your mind then you will start doing every that work which doesn’t give that pain to your mind which you have to bear while learning every important work or dealing with the difficult situations of life, you will give up on everything very quickly and will start considering every small problem as very big problem and you will do everything that will keep your mind entertained.

4.  The compulsion to spend time in life in the absence of a right goal – When you don’t have a right goal in life then you don’t have anything to do in life which you can do to utilize your time in a proper way and live a meaningful life but the reality is this that you also have only those 24 hours in a day which a person has who lives life with a goal. When you don’t have a big reason to spend 60 years of your life then you have to search for thousands of different small reasons to spend your time. The number of users on the apps like ‘Tik-Tok and Like’ is the proof of the large existence of those people who don’t have anything worthy to do in their life.

5.  The unawareness of the difference between entertainment and real happiness- The problem with maximum people is that they think entertainment and happiness mean the same, and this is the reason that they even consider the entertainment gained through humiliating someone as one of the reasons for their happiness. Entertainment comes from those things which seem good to us but it doesn’t matter to us that whether they are good for us or not, whereas the base of real and true happiness is understanding that every good thing that seems good to me might not be good for me. Things like, doing nothing and sleeping all day, keep passing the time with friends may seem very good to you but think for once, is it really good for you?

6.  The emotional disability (The heart wants happiness and the mind, entertainment.) – Many immature people, due to their lack of understanding have started feeling that we can live life only on the basis on mind but the reality is that the mind can only keep us alive but cannot make us live, the heart has the power to keep the body and mind indulged into doing something worthy and keep us encouraged, but mind does not have that power to encourage the mind to stay dedicated, happy and keep working for something good, this is the reason maximum people have got an emotional disability and due to this only they are doing a lot for the entertainment of their mind but doing almost nothing for the real happiness of their heart. And this is the reason almost every person has started feeling stress and anxiety every now and then and they are unable to feel real and pure happiness.

7.  The easiest way to remove sadness is entertainment- Humans have an old tendency to take shortcuts, entertainment is like that medicine which doesn’t let you feel the pain for a while but that doesn’t mean that the pain doesn’t exist. Casual and limited entertainment for the refreshment of mind is good but to be habitual and addicted to it is as wrong as the habit and addiction of alcohol, because whether it is alcohol or entertainment, for short-term both keep you in such a situation where we don’t feel any sadness or stress but the reality of life doesn’t change at all.

Now it is our time to think of every point precisely, who knows, the real and pure happiness might be waiting for us.

Written by – Dr. Abhilash Modi 

Translated by – Diwyanshi Shukla

Why do we need so much entertainment? – by Dr. Abhilash Modi

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