Vishesh Mithia : Technical Analyst and Stock Trader

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Gujarat: A young and enterprising individual , Vishesh is definitely amongst those who found their passion at a very young age.
After finishing his studies in the financial segment, and interning in the same field ,he immediately started working and trading in stocks for the firm DM finance.

He has also been an ardent fan of physical fitness and won several accolades . He made the nation and his school proud by winning the 3rd Rank in International Wushu Festival ,Macau for Mixed Martial Arts.

Another feather in his hat is that he won A Pride of India award for return of Investment in the Stock Market by Fundamental Research and Analysis.

A motto he swears by is that if you work for it,you will definitely achieve it, the hustle is never wasted.

Vishesh,therefore is indeed a young powerpacked machine with a highly loaded brain,a great zeal and eye for finances

Vishesh Mithia : Technical Analyst and Stock Trader

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