The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 4):

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How was Vikas Dubey arrested?
He entered the mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjain at around 7.30 am on Thursday morning. He arrived in a private car with one of his bodyguards identified as Rahul and one other accomplice of his. The car had a UP registration number. He purchased a VIP ticket for 250 rs and then went ahead to buy flowers and prasad, where the seller identified him. He immediately called constable Ghanshyam Mishra and MP and UP police officials were alerted. The temple CCTV monitoring guard kept a close eye on him while the temple security also made sure he didn’t escape. He was arrested when he was stepping out of the temple. Temple security personnel Gopal Kushwaha, Lakhan Yadav and constable Vijay Rathore played a remarkable role.
After the arrest, Dubey was heard saying- ‘Main Vikas Dubey hoon, kanpur wala’.
Later thursday night his wife and son were arrested too.
His two other associated Bittu and Suresh were arrested in separate events. Dayashankar Agnihotri who had a bounty of 25000 rs on his head was arrested on July 5th, guns and cartridges were recovered from him. On July 4th police had demolished Dubey’s home. Dubey’s son in law was arrested on July 6th and state STF DIG was removed and all 68 police officers of Chaubeypur station had been transferred. Dubey was living in a low budget hotel in Badkhal Chowk, Haryana where he was spotted on CCTV. Amar Dubey, his close aide was killed on 8th July in an encounter. Shyamu Bajpai having a bounty of 25,000 rs on his head was arrested. Kartikeya alias Prabhat Mishra too was arrested and Praveen alias Bauwa Dubey was shot dead in Etawah. Another associate of his was killed in Etawah.

The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 4):

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