The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 3):

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Who was Kartikeya alias Prabhat Mishra?
Kartikeya was a resident of Bikhru village, Chaubeypur district, Kanpur.
He was a close accomplice of Vikas Dubey and was involved in the Kanpur encounter case. He said he regretted killing the police officers.
Prabhat, Vikas and others had found shelter at Vikas’ close relative’s house at Indira complex, Harinagar. When prabhat was arrested, he was found in possession of 4 pistols and 44 bullets.
Thursday morning kartikeya alias prabhat mishra, accomplice of vikas dubey, gangster famous for the kanpur encounter was killed in an encounter. He was being taken from Faridabad to UP on transit remand. The police vehicle had a flat tyre, taking advantage of the situation kartikeya snatched a pistol from one of the policemen and tried to flee.Police officers fired on kartikeya in self defense and he was killed as a result.

The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 3):

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