The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 2):

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Who was Vikas Dubey?
Vikas Dubey infamously known as Vikas Pandit or Pandit was a history sheeter, gangster who later turned into a politician.
Vikas was a resident of Bikhru village, Chaubeypur district, Kanpur. He formed his own gang when he was young and was convicted for 60 murders and other crimes including land grabbing and others. He was the main accused in 2001 killing of BJP leader Santosh Shukla, Minister of State-shivli. Pandit was declared non-guilty in most of his cases despite multiple eye witnesses being present. He joined Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) in 1995 and won district elections by implying force. Later his wife Richa Dubey also won elections.

The story of Vikas Dubey (Part 2):

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