The ” BLOUSE ” Woman of india : who created successful business on sheer grit and tenacity !

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“I want JUST BLOUSESS to be a global brand” says Vaissali shah.

The journey seems a glitzy fairytale from the outside. But in reality, she’s broken gender prejudices and stereotypes, disrupted the traditional Indian fashion language to create wearable yet hip apparel and stuck with her gut “for what is right.”
It’s rare to find people in fashion fraternity so focused or single-minded in the present and path ahead.
Its a pure gujarati entrepreneurial gut.
We live in a patriarchal society, where women are traditionally considered homemakers and not businesswomen,” says vaissali shah.

The ” BLOUSE ” Woman of india : who created successful business on sheer grit and tenacity !

She remembers in the 1990s, people would gawk at her when she visited the cloth markets. She was the CLASS APART boutiquewalli in her initial days when she started as a small boutique.
But after 10 years in the fashion business, it is these little things that stand out, shaping me both as an individual and an entrepreneur. I remember my initial struggles with landlords for store space, or even, for that matter, to be taken seriously by everyone at work. That has changed significantly over the years!
When I started designing clothes as a hobby to earn some side money, I never dreamt of becoming a businesswoman,” she laughs.
But today she feels she can grow to any height. “If you have the passion for something, just do it,” she says.
I dug into blouse designs and gave names at a time when ready made blouse fashion was hardly the buzzword. I was lucky that people found them comfortable and affordable to wear,” she says.
Vaissali believes she creates beauty with her fabric, prints and designs. “The alchemy of beauty is magical and when a woman wears it she feels connected to the product and is transformed into a picture of confidence,” she says.
The good quality of her products, Sustainable concept at an affordable cost have been the reasons for her soaring business.
The success of her first store led to the next and now there is no looking back.
She says ” I too am very particular about our designs as they should be worn without feeling awkward.”
She is actively involved in every design that changes with the trends but retains the roots steeped in traditional crafts.
” We are a very hands-on company. I have a team of designers now, but I still check the final product for elegance and style, glamour and grace, beauty and femininity.” she says.
An understanding of the Indian consumer and what they want has helped vaissali scale up and tip over into being a large retail house today. Her brand stand out distinctly and have created a niche !

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