TILS Education launches an online Spoken English & Public Speaking course for making communication easy and effective

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TILS (The Institute of Languages & Skills) has had many feathers in its hat for the last couple of years in the field of Education and Social Entrepreneurship. TILS has recently launched an online Spoken English & Public Speaking program with a vision to make every Indian speak fearlessly, confidently and fluently. TILS is an Educational start-up which was founded in 2017 with a mission to root-up the biggest problem of India “Unemployability” even after having a dignified degree. TILS endeavours to bridge the gap between job seeker and job’s actual requirements by strengthening individuals public speaking skills, debating skills, group-discussions cracking techniques, removing hesitation before camera and help them in getting ace level jobs in both Public and Private sectors and starting their own enterprises in Rural, semi urban and Urban areas. The co-founder of TILS and the chief architect of this program Dr. Abhilash Modi is himself a well-known speaker of India whose name has been featured by Guinness World Records and Limca book of World Records for his various achievements. He has recently been awarded by Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship of India for creating World’s first rap song to learn English. He has spoken at many national and international stages like josh talks and TEDx so with his such experiences of 10 years, he has constructed the course in such a manner that even a beginner enjoys learning and an expert’s curiosity to unfold new learnings everyday doesn’t fade away.

Dr. Modi Says, this course is the result of 10 years of innovative teaching methodology and It is designed by keeping in view the present environmental requirements to understand 100s of complicated usages in the easiest ways. This course includes all four important pillars I.e. Listening, Reding, writing and Speaking to master the English language. Learners get several video and audio lectures to learn not only English and but also to stay motivated during this journey. After every lesson, the learner gets to practice the learnt usage through many interesting exercises like MCQs, Pictionary Sentences and Translation. Along with the learning and practicing learner also gets to perform through written and video making tasks to enhance their confidence and articulation ability. Learners also get to read many blogs for free during the journey to pursue this course through TILSpedia.

The Trainer and designer of this program Dr. Abhilash Modi wishes for learners’ success and he also ensures that this course has been designed in such a manner that it would soon synonymise Spoken English and true communication in our country.

For knowing more about TILS and Its online & offline courses, one can visit – www.tilseducation.com

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No NT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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