Smart India Hackathon 2020

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Smart India Hackathon 2020
An online competition organised by Smart India Hackathon and the Ministry of Education cell, AICTE saw participations from about 1,081 teams with over 10,000 students. Symbiosis skill and professional university students namely Pranjal Joshi (the team leader), Isra Jafri, Sahil Pansare, Yash Pathak, Manasvi Patil and Gritika pardeshi won the first place and bagged the price of Rs.1 Lakh.
The team provided a solution to the problem statement given by the “ministry of petroleum and natural gas” on Technological advances for retail outlets. Winning team had developed a software where in they had mapped all the retail outlets on google maps and an application that will connect to the fuel tank sensor. It also provides recommendations for when to fuel the vehicle and which petrol pump to go to based on fuel station ratings.
Symbiosis skill and professional university is based in Pune, Maharashtra.

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