PM Modi delivers speech on I-day, wins hearts.

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PM Modi speech highlights – On the peaceful 74th independence day, PM Modi delivered a 90 min speech making it to the third longest speech of the country.
The central idea of the speech was ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.
Two keypoints of speech announced by PM Modi – Every village to be connected by optical fibre network in the coming 1000 days and a National Digital Health Mission scheme will act as health id for every Indian citizen.
“This government has been always concerned about the health of our daughters and sisters. Through 6,000 Janaushadhi centres, about 5 crore women have got sanitary pads at Re 1. Also, for their weddings, we have made committees so that the money can be used at the right time,” said PM Modi
He broke the taboo, talking about sanitary napkins and won hearts, drawing great appreciation on social media.

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