Meet Russian Actress work in Bollywood Lada Lucky

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Lada Lucky , Award Winner Best Actress Nasik Film Festival on 2019 for lead role in international film “Warpath beyond the life”. First and only one Awards Actress from Russia in Bollywood.

International professional educated actress , filmmaker , director , Producer of own company “Lada Production”

Miss India Nirvana 2017 Mumbai

Professional actress , producer, director, writer, singer , model, dancer, vedic astrologer, philosophy teacher, yoga instructor , fitness trainer , lawyer .

Pure Vegetarian

Upcoming movies :
“Banaras Vanilla” 2021 lead role

“Lethal trip” 2021 lead role

Movie “Killing myself ” 2021 lead

Russian Theatre 20 performance as lead

International Grand Prix of singing in Kiev

Hindi songs :

Video song with Kamal Mahrshi on Zee Music channel 2017
Video song T-Series with Loka Music 2018

Short movie “My Kiyar ” 2018 lead role, as director and producer
By my own Film Company Lada Production

Short movie “Love in Studio ” 2019 India as lead role, director and producer . Got Award as Best Director in Nasik Film Festival in September 2019

Meet Russian Actress work in Bollywood Lada Lucky

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