Meet : Nidhi Bakshi Model & Artist

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I define myself as a special work of God. I am Nidhi Bakshi, born and brought up in Ghaziabad, U.P.. An artist by profession and a model by passion. DU graduate. Truly believe in being the best at whatever I do. I had a strong inclination towards art, colours, textures and longed to make my career in a creative field, so I persued Textile Designing and subsequently a degree in BFA.

As I always had an eye for detail and excelled in all colour mediums and wooden artefacts, this fetched me many clients in india and abroad. With a strong teaching passion, I started my own school of fine arts under the name of The Pisces Creations at an early age of 17yrs. The motive behind is to inculcate an awereness and artistic value of fine arts amongst the youngest generation of our nation. Today my school has a reputation which flourished by word of mouth.
Then came a turning point in my life which gave me a new vision and a meaning to my passion which even I wasn’t aware of. This was a grand moment for me, where i entered the fashion world.
I participated in a fashion show based on Woman Empowerment and bagged the most prestigious title of the evening, ” Grahlaxmi of the day’ followed by another feather in my hat with the title ” First Indian Social Beauty Queen”
These titles gave me wings to fulfill my dreams.
Worked for print media and online stores. Presently, doing modelling assignment for an online jewellery store.
My work experience has been vast and profilic but life is too short and i feel that there so much to learn, explore, discover and achieve creativity at its best.

Brand Ambassador of
*Wedzilla Fashion
*Miss n Mrs.India International style Icon
*Banjara works
*Vintage Candles

Worked in Cover Songs
*Rubaru (lead)
*Tum Agaye ho (lead)
*Bas ek Sanam Chaiye(Supporting actress)

Meet : Nidhi Bakshi Model & Artist

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