Meet Mr. Pankit Dabhi Singer & Musician

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Pankit Dabhi, a vocalist that always charms the audiences with his richly, textured voice. Hailing from a musical background, he started getting trained in classical music at a very tender age in vocal. Needless to say, he started adapting to different styles of music including classical vocal, light music, folk, Ghazals, Devotional and Sufi. As he started getting popular for his talent, he was started classical voice culture training in Hindustani Music by very well known Gwalior Gharana Indian Classical Vocalist Pandit Vidhyadhar Vyas. He has completed his master degree in classical vocal Sangeet Alankar by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.
After being trained at voice culture and classical music, Pankit never looked back. He qualified as an AIR approved artist, won several music competition at national level and has been making his contribution in the field of music through enchanting playbacks and performances. He performed at more than two thousand concert in India and abroad and won the hearts of numerous musical lovers.
In addition to being a performing artist, Pankit Dabhi is known as a music teacher and work in Samutkarsh Music Academy as a Vice Principal of Music Department. He has been teaching and mentoring students at under graduate and post graduate levels. He has his own center affiliation with Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Mandal in Ahmedabad. By now, he has rendered his soothing voice for more than 60 albums, plays movies, devotional C.D. and jingles.

Musical Achievement:
• First Prize as Best Male Singer held by Sandesh Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Year 2006.
• First Prize as Best Singer of the Gujarat held by Divya bhaskar – Year 2007.
• Also selected in top 50 of Indian Idol – 2003
• Finalist in Sur Samrat Competition held by ETV – Guajarati.
• Singing in various type of audio C.D like Devotional, Classical, Semi-Classical, Sugam Sangeet and Sanskrit Shlokas.
• Also give performance with well known Music Director of Gujarat like Shree Gaurangbhai Vyas , Shree Amitbhai Thakkar , Shree Maulikbhai Mehta, Shree Jatin –Amit Vaishnav, Shree Ikabal Meer, Shree Naineshbhai Jani, Shree Hasmukhbhai Patadia etc.

• Has been accompanying as Hindustani Classical Vocal Singer for Nrityabharti Bharatanatyam Classical Dance Academy of Kalaguru Smt.Elakshiben Thakore and Kalaguru Shree Chandanbhai Thakore and performed International Music Programme in Kenya, Austria and Europe.
• I have performed Navratri with very well known Music Director of Gujarat Shri Amitbhai Thakker from last 10 years in India and abroad country like Malaysia and Bahrain.
• I have also conducted various Musical events like Classical, Semi Classical, Bhakti Sangeet, Bollywood, Gazals and Non Filmy in all over India and Abroad.
• Recently launched Music Audio C.D with Janki Mistry, in which I have composed and sung songs.
• Has been accompanying as Singer in Navratri International Festival in Malaysia and Bahrain in year 2018.
• I have performed Navaratri with my musical group and concert Raas – Garaba events in Fort MacMurray, Regina and Montreal in Canada Year – 2019.
• Recently I have received ‘ The Pride Of Gujarat ’ award in Singer and Musician category for outstanding individual achievements and distinguished services to the Nation.

Meet Mr. Pankit Dabhi Singer & Musician

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