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They say “jack of all trades but king of none or just one”, but today I introduce you to a person who defies that saying and how! Introducing Mr. Jatin Sadhu An ocean of talent some of them which include – singing, song writing, music composing and teaching. A proud ambassador of India’s vibrant culture in various international music and dance festivals in countries like Canada, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, UAE and Thailand. He has been instrumental in bringing cross-cultural experience for various international artists not just in India but in other countries as well, for this effort and unique initiative he has received international awards. One such event that comes to mind is the International folk-dance and music festival which happened in 2017 at France, Spain and Czech Republic. He gathered 113 artists from across India to perform in these prestigious events, he won a World Record for organizing this mammoth show.His own composition was performed by children at the Global Summit – 2019, held in Rome, Italy, in the presence of some renowned people including Pope Francis. 5000+ children from 60 countries performed at this Summit, so it was indeed an opportunity of a lifetime and a moment of absolute pride.Mr. Sadhu is not only known internationally but in India as well his cross-cultural approach to performances and his talent in music composition has been recognized and brought in accolades by the Prime Minister’s Office (the PMO) and Ex.

Chief Minister of Gujarat – Ms. Anandiben Patel, He also recently received the honour of being presented with the “Pride of Gujarat” award.Bollywood being such an integral part of the country, his appreciation has not been left out from there either. He was awarded the Radiance Iconic Award in 2019 by the popular bollywood film actress Ms. Raveena Tandon.

He was also the recipient of the Promising Indian award at New Delhi and promising he is!Mr. Sadhu’s heart has always been towards giving back to the society at large, towards this he got the opportunity to compose several songs on various social issues. He is actively associated with various NGOs in the country as well.His experience and recognition have given him the opportunity of being associated as an International Co-Ordinator and jury member with Vraj World Records.This plethora of talent that he has, had to spread out to others as well, so backed with his 12 years of experience as a teacher and his international exposure, he started Guru – The arts hub. The space has been designed to cater and hone various talents.

He loves teaching and the exchange of knowledge that takes place with his students really excites him. Many of his students have received awards at the State, National and International levels. He says “My heart fills with joy, nothing can make a teacher prouder than their students receiving accolades and praise”.The Covid-19 has been a tough time for everyone, but there are some who learnt to tap in on that time and turn into an opportunity of co-learning and sharing. Mr. Sadhu converted this remorse phase into an interesting time.

He started his own online shows called Gupshup with Guru and Dil se. Where he interviewed artist across the country and learnt about their struggles, their successes and their formula of working through the lockdown and pandemic. Some renowned artists have been a part of this show, he forged towards bringing awareness about various forms of arts through his shows. Whatever revenue the show raised has been donated to artists struggling across the country.
Meet Mr. Jatin Sadhu Art & Culture : GURU

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