Meet Dr. Sharad Kohli: Startup Guru

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The multi-faceted and versatile Sharad Kohli is the Founder and Chairman of KCC Group, a multidisciplinary advisory Group comprising of 15 companies. His personality is reflected in various titles which he has been bestowed with like “Startup Guru, Tax Guru, Finance Guru & an Economist by sections of both print and electronic media. He is a dual CA from India & the UK. Besides being a management and law graduate, he is also an alumnus of Harvard University.
He has handled consulting and paralegal assignments  across North America, Western Europe, Middle East, East and South Africa and Australia.
Mr. Kohli has as represented the country on several international forums as a panellist and speaker on diverse topics ranging from Economics, Management, Finance to Law. During his career he has engaged with professionals and businesses from over 130 countries.
He leads a group comprising of diversified business and professional advisory interests. Under brand KCC, the group engages and excels itself in services related to consulting corporate and non-corporate clients in India and abroad. The innovative service products launched by his companies have carved the success story weaved over last 29 years.

Besides being a columnist with top line print media he can be regularly seen on a host of television channels on talks shows and debating won matters relating to Economy, Finance & Business. He has been given various titles like “Finance Guru”, “Tax Guru” & “Start up Guru” by different sections of media for expertise on diverse subjects. He has been conferred with various awards and domestic and international level.
His versatility is evident in his flair for fashion as he is frequently seen walking the ramp while being involved in professional modelling assignments for endorsing lifestyle products & brands.

Meet Dr. Sharad Kohli: Startup Guru

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