Krina Pathak : an Electronics and Communication Engineer and also a model and actor

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  • Krina Pathak, Kodinar, Gir Somnath, Gujarat. Currently living in Ahmedabad from last 5 years.
  • Since childhood, Entertainment industry and Fashion industry always had my interest, I used to dance in front of TV solely and used to learn from it. The place where I used to live i.e Kodinar didn’t have that much of a scope in this field, and luckily somehow my father got a transfer at Ahmedabad which I feel was a first step towards my career in this field. At first, I was really confused on how to get started, so I started making videos/reels on Instagram and modelling. I got good responses from the public and that was my motivation to carry on in this field. Later on, I got opportunities in catalog and fashion shoots which I aced.
    As I already mentioned, I had a great enthusiasm for acting, I was given an opportunity for auditioning for a TV Serial featuring on Color’s Gujarati. As it was my first audition in my life, I was a bit anxious and nervous about my performance. However, they liked me and chose me for the role and that was my start in the acting industry.
    Following the acting work, I’ve also started doing album songs now, and my recent work was an album song with Geetaben Rabari.
  • Accomplishments
    a) 50k followers on Instagram
    b) Working with various global brands like Renee, Amazon, Google etc.
    c) National level player in Basketball
    d) State level player in Table Tennis
  • Celebrities worked with
    a) Geetaben Rabari
    b) Firoz Irani
    c) Nitin Jani
    d) Pinky Parikh
    e) Tarun Jani
    f) Parth Parmar
    g) Kushal Mistry
    h) Deepali Shah
    i) aakash zala
Krina Pathak : an Electronics and Communication Engineer and also a model and actor

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