Kapil Sibal questions Sachin Pilot

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Kapil Sibal questions Sachin Pilot

Hours after Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot scored a temporary reprieve at the high court, Mr. Kapil Sibal who represented Rajasthan speaker in Congress’ Supreme Court battle against Pilot, asked a few questions to Pilot through a news conference on Friday.
“I want to ask Sachin, do you want to become Chief Minister? Tell us. Why the protest? If you say you are not joining the BJP, then why are you sitting in Haryana? Why didn’t you attend Congress meetings?” he said.
” Do you want to form your own party? Come out and speak whatever it is. Don’t sit inside a hotel. You can’t make the party a tamasha before public. I am sure that is not your intention.”said Mr. Sibal.

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