JIGNA SHAH: The Young, Promising, Dedicated Business Woman Spearheading Reve’ Fashions & Reve’ Organika to New Heights..!

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Long before the trend of buying organic products came into existence; REVE’ Organika was incepted by Jigna Shah..!

REVE’ Organika was founded with a mission of “Beauty that touches your Soul”..

This brand is supervised by an accomplished businesswoman, Jigna Shah the CEO of the REVE’ Fashions & REVE’ Organika..

More About The Leading Lady

Jigna struggled a lot and won all the battles on her way.
Today, she is among the successful businesswomen of India..

Jigna’s relentless zeal, incessant quench for success and willingness to walk the extra mile has broken all myths about her inborn limitations that were supposed to be major roadblocks on her success path..

And, She sets a new parameter for leadership in the Indian business which could be a benchmark for every person..

“Our company has been identified as one of the top brands in the market with 25year’s existence & loyal clients.JIGNA SHAH:  The Young, Promising, Dedicated Business Woman Spearheading Reve’ Fashions & Reve’ Organika to New Heights..!

We are diversifying to Eco-friendly, Sustainable Fashion, and Organic wellness range under the brand REVE’ Organika & Organic Farm-fresh too which is very environment-friendly”, Jigna proudly shared..

Jewels in the Crown-
▪Global Award from Google & World federation of Hillary Clinton as one of the Top 50 Most influential Youth Leaders
▪“ICONIC WOMAN” Award from the only International chamber with Most Dynamic women leaders from the world
▪100 Women Entrepreneurs of India for 2016 by World Bank Training Leadership Program
▪“Udgam Women’s Achievers AWARD” in Business Category, for 2014
▪“Business Standard” Award as Entrepreneur of the year in 2004
▪Jigna Shah got associated with Mrs.Meneka Gandhi for the most prestigious project-“Ahimsa Peace Silk”(Non-Violence Silk)
▪She is selected as “Super Woman” by most acclaimed Hindi film Super star Vidya Balan’s “Super Woman” Contest by Radio fm 95.
▪She is honoured to be in Advisory Board of Ahmedabad Literature Festival…
▪Jigna Shah is privileged as a jury member of “Udgam Awards”.
▪She is the India Committee Chair Person for ALL Ladies League.
▪She has been declared “Pride of Gujarat”,”Pride of Maharashtra” & “Pride of India”.
▪Jigna Shah is declared as one of the top 5 most popular Designers of Gujarat.

She believes that success is all about Humbleness & Giving back to society in the form of betterment, Knowledge, Employment or any form of contribution..

she’s factories & offices in Ahmedabad & Mumbai with a team of 100 people & Top Clients from Stars to Politicians to High-end Professionals,”
stated Jigna.

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