JIGNA SHAH-Incredible Journey from FASHION to FARMING..!

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JIGNA SHAH, Founder & CEO of REVE’- One of the Top high-end Celebrity Designer Clothing brands originated from Ahmedabad with Retail Flagship stores in Ahmedabad and Mumbai..!

REVE’ & Jigna Shah have been featured by most reputed Indian & International medias for the success journey..!

Multi-faceted designer Jigna Shah has been a JURY for final admission test for world class government institute NIFT from last 5 years..!

She has been honoured with reputed Global & National Awards like
▪︎ “Iconic Women of India”
▪︎”Most Influential Global Youth Leaders”
▪︎”100 women faces of India”
▪︎”50 Most Successful women of India”
▪︎”Top women Entrepreneurs of India”
& many more in the list..!

With her philanthropy approach to support weaker sectors of society- She has been declared as a “Role Model” to look upon by young generation..!

Her Success Story has been preserved by Top institutions like NIFT, E.D.I for future reference of students as a Case Study..!

Alongwith her business, Life takes her to places to experience newer heights..!

▪︎She Climbs Moutains in Himalayas,
▪︎She runs Marathon
▪︎She educate hundreds of Students at most recognized Institutes like IIM, Gujarat University, GLS colleges, LJ management colleges & many more.
▪︎She trains Women Artisans.
▪︎She motivates youth by web series with a star on Organic lifestyle.
▪︎She travels interiors of India, Europe & other parts to know different cultures.
▪︎She promotes Organic lifestyle of India.
▪︎She lifts 50kg.Tyre in gym.

Lot of Business Tycoons, Politicians, Stars have endorsed her work including Hollywood stars..!

Alongwith Fashion, Her life took a turn into Organic Wellness & Farming after experiencing benefits of Organic Lifeste..!

Her new venture REVE’ ORGANIKA is loved by most elites..!
It has a wide range of Natural Soaps, Bath Salt, Essential Oils & Mud Pack..!

With her husband passionate about Organic Farming, He is growing 100% Natural Mangoes, other fruits & Veggies..!
For which, now the mission of a couple is to make Poison free Food available to people & Nurture our Mother Earth by nurturing Trees & giving back in the form of Clean Environment & 100% Natural ( Chemical, Pesticide, Carbaid free) Fruits & Veggies..!

Let’s admire her incredible journey which has inspired hundreds of women & will keep on inspiring in future..!

JIGNA SHAH-Incredible Journey from FASHION to FARMING..!

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