Is Tata group going to acquire Air India ?

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Is Tata group going to acquire Air India ?

Current reports state that Tata group is going to merge Air Asia India and Air India.
Major question for Tata group is how it will consolidate the 2 major airlines. As of now Tata group has its own airline venture, Vistara.
Data shows that Air India is suffering huge losses. Recently the airline is on layoff mode and on 7th-August it reported a plane crash at calicut airport, 18 people died in the incident.

It is expected Tata will put in the bid on or before the final submission date of August 31 and as of now it looks Tata will likely be the sole eligible bidder.
Tata group is an Indian multinational company founded by Jamsetji Tata. Currently, Tata group is owned by Tata sons.

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