Indian Healthcare system can be a hub for joint replacement surgeries in future

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While the population of overseas Indian healthcare personnel remains significant, Apollo personnel claims that their national hospital network now receives 300 applications per year from doctors who work in the United Kingdom alone, due to improved living conditions and medical technology in India. On the other hand, according to US medical travel resources, the cost of medical procedures in India is 90 percent lower than in the United States. This makes India one of the cheapest places for treatment. 

We are one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism from the African subcontinent, Middle, East Asia, and Europe. We have a massive disease burden of affluent class diseases similar to Western countries. India is on the path of becoming a major hub for joint replacement surgeries in the world with a burden of 60 million active orthopedic cases.The compounded annual growth rate for total jointreplacement surgery in India for the last 25 years has shown a drastic growth of 32%. As a result, the worldwide trend has grown towards Indian orthopedics. This trend proposes that joint replacement surgical procedure is likely to develop the next big thing in the Indian healthcare system. The major growth drivers that influence joint replacement surgeries in India are as follows:

•India is well prepared to expand its share of the medical tourism business by providing high-quality, cost-effective care in world-class, accredited facilities with skilled and experienced doctors. Dr. Ashish Singh is visionary towards the future of joint replacement surgeries and taking an active part in identifying the health needs of society, suggesting preventive steps, and preparing to provide optimum care.

•If properly promoted, the medical tourism segment in India might see a considerable increase in joint replacement surgeries.

• The IOA has taken an active role in education and certification for the practice of orthopedic surgery in our country. The orthopedic associations are also playing an important role in formulating training programs to suit the local need and international needs. Dr. Ashish Singhis working holistically not only in treating orthopedic cases but also in finding evidence-based solutions. Over the past two and a half years he has had many oral presentations as a faculty in International and national fronts including presentations at A.I.I.M.S. New Delhi.

• In the last ten years, the healthcare delivery system has changed dramatically. Major multispecialty hospital chains have sprung up, delivering world-class therapeutic interventions and infrastructure. These hospitals have flourished as a wealthier middle class has demanded higher-quality healthcare.

• In India, the initial cost of setting up an orthopedichospital is one-fourth of a large multispecialty hospital. Dr. Ashish Singh comprehends this as an opportunity to develop more orthopedic surgery units in India to achieve the vision of pain-free mobility for the masses at an affordable price.

In India, the demand for joint replacement surgery is at a pivotal point. The market has the potential for massive and rapid growth, but it remains to be seen whether multinationals will remain dominant or if more domestic institutions will be able to reorganize themselves to play competitively on the global platform. According to Dr. Ashish Singh, in the near future, transformation in market structure, strategy, and regulatory settings will effectively renovate the landscape of joint replacement surgeries. He has also added that the focus on the R&D capabilities and effective partnering with different national and international academic institutions to introduce novel approaches for joint replacement will expand the Indian market and drive down prices for surgery.

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