Covaxin: India’s first vaccine is safe to use.

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Covaxin: India’s first vaccine is safe to use.

According to latest reports, Covaxin, India’s first coronavirus vaccine is safe to use.
COVAXINTM, is India’s indigenous COVID-19 vaccine. It is developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR)- National Institute of Virology(NIV).
Reports indicate Phase I clinical trials of the vaccine show it is safe to use.
12 medical institutes across the country were selected to conduct phase I/II trials. AIIMS Delhi, Patna, Gillurkar Hospital and Research Institute in Nagpur and Post-Graduate Institute(PGI) of Medical Sciences in Rohtak are few among them.
Bharat Biotech International Limited is an Indian biotechnology company having its headquarters in Hyderabad, India.
The are involved in the development and discovery of drugs and vaccines.
The National Institute of Virology, Pune is an Indian virology research institute. It is one of the translational science cells part of Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR).

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