Celebrity Author and World Record Holder Riya Rashmi Dash has came up with her first solo book Waiting To Exhale.

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    Waiting To Exhale released recently is the book of 40 beautiful poetries penned down beautifully touching to each and every aspects . The poems and content are soulfully written over human nature and their feelings.

    Author Riya Rashmi Dash hailing from the city of Sambalpur , Odisha is a girl achieving great heights at a very younge age of 19. She is presently pursuing BBA From KIIT University, Bhubaneswar and an aspiring author and writer. She started her journey from coauthoring books and so far till now she has co-authored 160+ books and compiled more than 15 books which includes  Wishes unsaid, love left unsaid, aphor, her chaste soul, forgotten spring, daffodils, shakti, carpediem, the unexpected, wonderland , golden wings, moonlight sonata, firefly of darkness, happy new year, SHE, swasthik , ripping off, professor prophecy, Scarlet skies, aasma and few more compilations to launch soon by the end of February.

    Her very first solo book got released after that and now she is also an enterpreuner being the founder of THE OPUS COLISEUM. It’s a publishing house which aims to carve out the dreams of all the budding writers and aspiring authors.

    Her author interview has been published over Taare Zameen Par which is a national magazine and over few more pages and websites such as Qwerty. She is an awardee in Ne8x Litfest 2020, and part of various world record books.Also she’s been awarded being inspirational indian award 2020,  Be the change awards 2021, Indian Professional awards 2021, FCP Excellence award 2020, Kalam book of records holder 2020, amazing world of book records holder 2020 , Vajra book of record holder 2021 , Star india republic awardee 2021, Emica book of Records 2020, Star Kingdom Book of Records 2020 , Sahityakosh Awardee 2021, Best author of the year 2020 by Ne8x.

    She’s been an active participant in Indian international Model United Nations and have presided quite a many conferences so far and was also selected among the people for the UN360 Programme where she had interacted with the General Secretary of United Nations.

    She’s also been the spokesperson in district and national levels.

    She received Vajra Book of world records for the book SHE Which had avery unique and different concept based on woman and their chastity. And she received Amazing book of world records for the book Wonderland .

    Currently she’s working upon a book aiming for more records such as india book of records and much more

    Recently she has been awarded with India’s top 5000 women achiever awards from all over india for the works .

    Her Upcoming Solo book is going to come soon this year.

    Author name- Riya Rashmi Dash

    Email- riyadash646@gmail.com

    Celebrity Author and World Record Holder Riya Rashmi Dash has came up with her first solo book Waiting To Exhale.

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