BJP MLA dead. Found hanging in the market.

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BJP MLA dead. Found hanging in the market.

Kolkata: BJP MLA Debendra Nath Ray was found hanging outside a shop early this morning in North Dinajpur district, one kilometre away from his house. Atleast one family member has said that some people had come to his house at 1am and called him.BJP claimed that he was murdered.
BJP leader Sayantan Basu claimed, “We have lost 105 party workers since the last panchayat election. This includes one of our MLAs. We saw the brutal killing of our MLA.
Few other BJP leaders tweeted their disappointment and rage.
Debendra Nath Ray had contested and won the Hemtabad assembly segment – a reserved seat for Scheduled Castes – on a CPM  ticket backed by the Congress in 2016 but had switched over to the BJP last year after the Lok Sabha election.

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