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Every body deserves acceptance- including yours.

Few years back, it was so common for us to hop onto social media or watch TV and see nothing but slim, socially acceptable bodies staring up at us. Back than being slim could afford to generally exist within society with all the privileges.

However, over the last five or so years, a huge shift in how bodies are being represented in the media and in society has changed. Normally we can say people have started being body positive.

Body positivity is nothing but, viewing our bodies as something that is not only perfectly acceptable but entirely wonderful.

I find my whole body beautiful. There is my mom and dad’s DNA in my body. And it makes each part of me special.


“You are different than others because you were created to do extraordinary things”- I remember my dad telling me this when i was a healthy kid. I always felt embarrassed and ugly in my childhood just because i had those extra layers of fat on my body. But as I grew up I saw no-ones happy with what they are blessed with and that made me realise the power of being yourself.

Remember, not everything you see on social media is true. The journey of accepting your body and embracing your each scar, cellulite and stretch mark can be tough but it’s worth it all. And darling those extra 5-10 kg is your spontaneity, your freedom, your love and the place where your body naturally wants to be.
So, have your favourite cupcake in the whole entire world because you own yourself a treat.
Celebrate the size you are in.

So far what I have come to understand is that redefining beauty standards requires unapologetic defiance of the norms we’ve clenched on for so long.

So here I am, standing in a crop top and high waisted jeans that most would consider “unflattering” telling you that our bodies deserve to be celebrated- rolls,hair,cellulite and all.

I may not be society’s definition of a perfect body but I’m my definition of beautiful, valid and worthy.

I hope you are yours too.


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