For Matchless Contribution in Promoting Cinema through organizing NTR
Legendary National Awards 2023 on the 100th birthday of legendary star Late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao and felicitating 101 personalitiespersonalities from 10 different states

The Film and Television Promotion Council of India, led by President chaitanya Janga and secretary Vs.Varma Pakalapati has been recognized and felicitated by the prestigious World Book of Records for its exceptional contribution to the promotion of cinema. The Council’s efforts in organizing the NTR Legendary National Awards 2023 on the momentous occasion of the 100th birthday of the legendary star Late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, and felicitating 101 personalities, have earned them a Certificate of Recognition. The certificate was presented to Mr.Chaitabya Janga (President, FTPC) and Shri Vs.Varma Pakalapati (Secretary, FTPC) by Shri Murali Mohan Maganti, Indian Actor (Member of Parliament, Rajahmundry), Dr. Rajeev Shrivastav and Ms. Akansha Shah (WBR Official) along with dignitaries. The program was coordinated by Dr. Jitendra Matlani (WBR official from Dubai) and Dr.PV Rao (Advisor, FTPC). World Book of Records acknowledges outstanding achievements and contributions across various fields, including arts, culture,health warriors and entertainment. The Film and Television Promotion Council of India’s commendable efforts

in promoting the Indian cinema industry have now received global recognition through this esteemed accolade. The NTR Legendary National Awards 2023, organized by the Council, showcased the immense talent and celebrated the unparalleled legacy of Late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. This grand event served as a tribute to the legendary star’s 100th birthday, captivating audiences with its splendor and significance. President chaitanya Janga’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to the film and television industry have been instrumental in the success of the NTR Legendary National Awards. The Council’s efforts in honoring 101 exceptional personalities covering 10 states from the Indian cinema industry, health care warriors, art,culture further demonstrated their dedication to recognizing and promoting talent. The Film and Television Promotion Council of India is a distinguished organization dedicated to promoting the Indian film and television industry. Under the leadership of President chaitanya Janga and Secretary, film producer Director Vs Varma Pakalapati , the Council plays a vital role in fostering the growth and recognition of the industry by providing support, encouragement, and a platform for talented individuals and entities. On being recognized by World Book of Records, the members of FTPC were congratulated by the Central Working Committee of WBR.

To promote Indian cinema tourism and brotherhood relation recently we have organized Indo Nepal film festival in kathmandu. Soon planning in Bangladesh, srilanka, malesia, Emirates and other neighbor countries’ Chaitanya Janga and Varma Pakalapati said

Dr. Mona Naman Shah
Consultant, Gynecological Oncosurgeon

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Dr. Mona Shah to our Zydus family. Her previous immediate assignment was with CIMS hospital, Ahmedabad as Consultant Gynec oncosurgeon. Before that she was associated with The Gujarat Cancer & Research Centre.

She has done her MBBS from Baroda Medical College M.D (Gynecology) from Bhavnagar Medical College Fellowship in Gynec oncology from CMC, Vellore.

Specialty in Gynecological Oncology surgeries:

Minimal invasive surgeries-
Laparoscopic , Hysteroscopic and Robotic surgeries.
Pregnancy with malignancy,
Fertility sparing oncosurgery.

Bhavesh Dave was born in Dhrangadhra town of Surendranagar district, Gujarat. His father Mahendrabhai Premshankar Dave native of Halvad.

After his birth in Dhrangadhra, with his father`s Vedic Sacramentshe did his schooling from various government schools of Dhrangadhra.

His ambition was to become Electronic Engineer with that he started his studies into that direction and during his studies one accident took place which made him compromise with his ambitions but still he was having vision of giving something to the people of Electronics field.

He didn’t give up he took admission in I.T.I Electronics but he has to leave it because of his father`s low income and health issues.

In the year 2000, he left studies and with desire of doing something in life moved to Ahmedabad from his hometown alone and joined small job at the Electronic Weighing Scale industry after 2 years of hardships he started his own manufacturing business of Electronic Weighing Scale and with that he started doing social work.

He was appointed as secretary of International Brahmsamaj Organization in 2014. He then started serving society in education, social, healthcare areas and helped many families. Currently helping and supporting the youngster which is very appreciative.

Bhavesh Dave then adopted the ideas of our Honorable PrimeMinister Narendra Modi and in the year 2018 he started spreading his ideas via media platform and appointed as media anchor to spread the voice to the people of India.

In 2018, he was appointed as President of Bajrang Dal Dhrangadhra Taluka where he spread the spiritual culture in Hindu families. he also helped many women`s from the virus like Love Jihaad, youngsters took pledge of devotion under him and he also started the celebrations like Ramjanm, Jagannath Yatra in Dhrangadhra.

In 2019, he was appointed as managing director of ”Namo Times”where he started publishing real life stories of social workers, public servants, politicians who had worked for the welfare of the society.

In 2019, “The Pride of India” organization established where he was appointed as Vice president. He was appreciated a lot for his noble services and also he awarded for it.

In 2020, during Corona Pandemic his exceptional welfare service towards society appreciated and awarded by “Narendra Modi Vichaar Manch” and “Akhand Rashtriya Hindu Sena”.

In small town like Dhrangadhra with his skills and dedication he uplifted many families of the society and also helped the minorities of the society with his kindness.

The rise of social media has revolutionized digital marketing. This has significantly changed the ways people market their brands online. Brand promotion on social platforms now plays a major role in shaping a brand’s sales strategy.
With such ideas, the rising digital strategist Maharshi Desai has been creating ripples in digital marketing with his over-the-top promotion strategies.
His birthplace being Gujarat, Maharshi has had the opportunity to meet Mr. Narendra Modi during his tenure as the CM of Gujarat, at a very young age of 17. Since then, over a period of time, after meeting him multiple times, PM Modi has become a source of his inspiration.
Maharshi then went on to establish a non-governmental social organization named ‘Namo group Foundation’ in the year 2013. Reportedly, the group is now huge and around 1.5 lakh people are its members. These members belong to over 19 states in India. Some members situated abroad in America, England, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Dubai.
Under the leadership of Maharshi, Namo Group Foundation has initiated several social activities on the national and international fronts, the main motives of which remain to be encouraging the citizens, especially the youth of India to practice the principles of Unity, Patriotism, and Social Service. Several initiatives were also undertaken to spread awareness regarding elections, voting rights, employment opportunities, education, fundamental civil rights, general public awareness, and many more. A series of such successful initiatives meant for public awareness and social service lead to Desai’s increasing popularity in Gujarat and all over the nation.
Maharshi is also the founder and chief editor of the timely magazine, ‘Namo Times Magazine’, started in 2013. He has also authored a book named ‘Yuva Josh’, published in 2018, portraying the inspiring tales of youth in Gujarati language.
Desai has been leading the I.T. Cell of BJP as District convener, since 2014 till the present day, uniting the BJP party with the general public through various social media platforms. In 2015, he founded ‘The Pride of India’ to celebrate and honor social service in various regions of India. In 2016, you also played an active part in the National Chhatra Sansad elections as a board member of the Student Union.
In the years 2016 and 2017, he subsequently went on to lay foundations for ‘Cricket Association for the Blind (Gujarat)’ and ‘Gujarat Blind Football federation (Gujarat)’ initiatives for the welfare and extended opportunities of the underprivileged blind people in national and international sports events.
Constantly increasing his span of service and power, Maharshi is unstoppable. Inspiring not just the youth, but all of us irrespective of our age and field of work, with his determination, far-sight, and wisdom.
With his passion and strategist mindset, Desai has now stepped into the arena of digital marketing. He has been strategizing movie promotions, advertising, P.R., celebrity management, Media, and brand promotions, in his quest for more exposure and creativity.