An untold dualism of our Educational System – Dr. Abhilash Modi

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Almost every parent of India has a dream to educate their child in a big school, if this dream is seen with the eyes of understanding and try to know what makes a school bigger then we will find that whether the school is government, private, English medium or Hindi medium, in every school we will get many such teachers who teach with heart and in almost every school there will also be teachers whose first objective is to earn money and they leave no stone unturned to make education a complete business. So, what makes a school big, its big building? or the facilities that a student can get only in a 5-star hotel?

The very simple answer is, No!

The thing which makes a school great is either the hard work of the teachers teaching in that school or the real purpose of starting that school which was to improve and spread true education. In today’s time, another criterion by which a school has started getting considered great is its co-educational activities which take place in the school.

It is believed that if a child has to be taught singing, dancing or some form of sports along with studying in a school, then it is possible only in a big school because many parents who keep narrow approach in life still believe that in a small school, it is not possible to have co-educational activities such as singing, dancing or any sport. 

And due to this reason, every small school also has something in the name of co-educational activities. Although in most schools it is done due to being ahead in a worthless rat race, parents still deposit money for it and almost every big school also recruits some teachers for this kind of activity. 

It seems quite okay and normal with the eyes of common mindset as common mind is able to see this much only that students are learning well and teachers too are teaching well, but by looking with the eyes of understanding, there can be seen such a bungling and dualism in education which no one talks about and this bungling bothers to every that child who is motivated to learn singing or dancing in school by every teacher and even the principal but when the same children grow up and want to make a career in the field of singing or dancing, then we leave no stone unturned to show them that they want to go in a career where success is difficult and it cannot be considered a right career.

The question is that when we do not dare to accept considering these professions right then what right do we have to keep the children and their parents in dark. The educational institutions loot the innocent children and their parents in the name of co-educational activities, but these educational institutes also don’t have enough courage to make these professions dignified and common to get considered.  

We all have to try and understand the untold duplicity of this educational system or else it may happen that a day would come when a child would ask his teacher, if you would not be able to accept me in singing, dancing or any sport related profession in future then why do you teach this to us now?

Written and conceptualised by 

Dr. Abhilash Modi 

(Teacher, Author & Life-coach)

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