Ami Bhatt is a renowned Home Chef- a very household name in the food industry in Gujarat.

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She has presented her signature and exquisite recipes on several TV Show episodes and also has been a food columnist in popular global as well as local magazines.
Her Corporate food workshops, which have had allowed her to impart and share her food knowledge to audiences with a very personal touch, have all been very widely and eagerly appreciated.
She is well global having lived in India, New Zealand, Australia and also travelled several countries across the world and is well verse of each of their cultural and food heritage.
Inspite of such a wide and global reach, her true passion has been in upgrading the lifestyle and cooking of Indian rural women by teaching them easy and nutritious cooking.
Mainly, her dreams and ambition lie in incorporation of the knowledge and values of nutrition into the daily home cooking in innovate forms and making this easily accessible to the rural Indian women who are the true backbone and mainstay provider of nutrition to our entire households.
To make this dream come true, she had begun her free food workshops and camps for women beginning from various rural areas of Gujarat. Over time, she aims to spread this knowledge on nutrition to the entire nation and to reach as many rural women as she can.
She has also been involved in many other social activities focused on bringing joy and resources in different forms to those who are deprived.
She is also the recipient of prestigious Pride of Nation award as well as certificate of appreciation by Universal Peace, Friendship & Brotherhood along with many other honours & awards in her respective field.
She has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate as a Doctor of Philosophy in Humanity and peace.

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