Age is just a number

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Age is just a number

A 98-year-old, retired war veteran, Sepoy Ramu Laxman Sakpal beats covid-19. A resident of Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Sakpal was admitted to Naval Hospital Ship Asvini in a critical state and was diagnosed with Covid-19.Sakpal states that he has seen the immediate aftermath of the 1918 Spanish Flu as well as the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
Due to the impact of coronavirus, demand for tech-enabled healthcare solutions is rising and the e-commerce giants namely flipkart and amazon partnered with a startup called hipbar for the delivery of alcohol in only two indian states as of now.
India is the third worst-hit country by the pandemic after the United States and Brazil. According to the reports, the recovery rate has risen to 71.7% and fatality rate is at 1.94%. Currently with fresh 63,000 cases,India’s covid-19 tally crosses 2.5 million mark.

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