ACS, Teacher, Social Activist and Entrepreneur : Prachi Jain

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Prachi Jain from Delhi. She is Compny Secretary, Teacher, Run NGO and Entrepreneur

She is Founder and Director At “Pukar-A Voice of Change Foundation” Born and Brought Up in Delhi. Fond of Reading Books and Spending time with family. One of the Toppper of the School in Commerce Stream.
Graduation from Delhi University. ACS from ICSI. Post Graduation from IGNOU. Working as a Social Worker, Teacher and Company Secretary . Chasing own Dreams and Passion to explore the World.
Started own NGO “Pukar- A Voice Of Change Foundation recently to help society in Education and its Developement .
Working in the field of Taxation, Compliances, Accounting, Trademark, Provident Fund, ESI, ROC compliances etcs. Also having Consultany regarding Graduation, Post Graduation and other reputed courses. Also running a Home Tutors Academy named New Era of Wisdom ( Wants to help Orphans and Begger Child to get Education and develope their skills to get best out of them.

Prachi Jain believes in the theory that “Whatecer we can think, we can do”. And at the age of 23, i do try to cone in front of society to overcome Poverty, Child labor, Child Begger, and Harrassment of women. A step towards developement of society has now been taken. All i need is blessings and support to achieve all my dreams.

ACS, Teacher, Social Activist and Entrepreneur : Prachi Jain
Prachi Jain, Delhi

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