7 Oak Developers: Rising Bars of Dholera’s real estate industry with their RERA certified projects like ‘Fidato Luxuria’.

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Investing with 7 Oak Developers in Dholera SIR comes as the next big thing for investors as Dholera is touted as India’s first Greenfield smart City with RERA assurance.

No matter how the working or landscape of various industries changes due to the upheaval caused by a global health pandemic, certain industries like real estate have only been on the rise. This is because people have lately found interest in finding a new home away from city areas which can provide them with a ‘homely’ feeling and give them the peace they need, along with the luxury they desire. Many construction and realty companies have come at the forefront of the industry to cater to all these needs of customers and investors and one region that has been found as the most desired of all from the past few years owing to its rapid development is Dholera, near Ahmedabad. This is when 7 Oak Developers enter the picture to transform all the home dreams of people into reality and offer unique spaces and construction that helps people live their dreams.

Over the years, turning small land parcels into innovatively designed and constructed plots and villas is what 7 Oak Developers has excelled at beautifully, which in turn has attracted the attention of various investors not just for residential properties, but for commercial and industrial land Parcels as well. This has helped the realty and development firm to become one of the most trusted, reliable and undoubtedly the Biggest brand of Dholera SIR- India’s first Greenfield Smart City.

A very recent project for the firm has come into existence in the form of ‘Fidato Luxuria’, which is the first largest luxurious residential project in the entire Dholera smart city and has received RERA certificate for the same. It is very cleverly located at the entrance of the activation area in TP-2 B-1 ZONE. Their golden city named project is seen as the biggest project in Dholera with 685 number of plots including all types of luxurious amenities like club house, swimming pool, restaurant, attractive entrance gate, mini theatre, walking garden, yoga garden and so much more.

7 Oak Developer’s focus on timely deliverance of projects has resulted in them providing electricity water connection and all other basic amenities. There are already RCC roads and street lights and their 1Bhk and 2Bhk villas are ready to move properties, available for possession.

Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) has been considered as one of the best regions for making investments; such has been the development of the region from the last decade. PM Narendra Modi just like the many projects he took in his hands for the further development of regions like availability of water for drinking and irrigation, making the state as the solar power capital, etc. even focused on significant development of land projects to increase investments in these regions. Dholera SIR has been that region where the government has even announced the real estate regulation authorities (RERA) early this year.

The region provides some unique features as well, which will benefit farmers and investors with world-class infrastructure. Dholera SIR is the perfect choice for people who wish to get to future cities with modern-day facilities that can give them their luxury and peace all in one place. 7 Oak Developers is all about this and much more. The region has also been projected as the investment destination to companies in China, also for being a green industrial city.

Very recently, PM Modi even made an investment pitch at the global summit, which was attended by many global industrialists and investors. He spoke about how crucial it is for building strong partnerships with global investors for enhancing the ease of doing business. PM Modi’s vision was also the development of Dholera SIR and today, investors around the world are already investing into the same.

Since 2013, 7 Oak Developers have worked in Dholera and since then has completed many projects in the region. So far, they have amassed almost 3000+ satisfied customers with the most number of customers in Dholera SIR. Transparency and honesty are two things 7 Oak Developers have been working with and this has helped them emerge as the most sought-after developers in Gujarat. Visit their website, https://www.7oakdevelopers.com/ to know more.

7 Oak Developers: Rising Bars of Dholera’s real estate industry with their RERA certified projects like ‘Fidato Luxuria’.

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